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Our Story

For the past 15 years, Alekos and Zoryana created something that became a passionate profession, a love, and a way of life. The story of our company begins with the goal of highlighting the beauty of every woman through the care of her nails and self-care, promoting self-confidence and assurance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality products that add style and a unique look to your nails. Our products are specially designed for nail technicians and beyond. They are for anyone who seeks the perfect aesthetic for their nails.

Our Values

Quality is our top value. The trust you place in us is invaluable, and we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We are inspired by our love for what we do and offer products that we love and trust.

Our Products

In our range, you will find professional nail products, from semi-permanent nail polish to tools, oils, and everything else you can think of for nail care. We provide the most comprehensive equipment for the beauty industry.

Our Philosophy

In our company, we consider the people who trust us as friends. We stand by your side at every step of the journey, offering love and friendship. We listen and guide you and strive to meet your desires in every way. Our love for beauty combines with our love for our customers.

Thank you for choosing our company. With great respect, we are by your side at every step of your journey towards perfect nail care, offering you quality, confidence, and trust.

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