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Summer Colors 2024: Alezori Nail Trends

Δημοσιεύθηκε στις 14-06-2024

Summer Colors 2024: Alezori Nail Trends

Top Summer Colors for 2024

The summer colors of 2024 as presented by the major beauty houses. It seems that nail trends are embracing vibrant colors, playful designs, and innovative textures. Let's take a closer look at the top trends for this season and how they differ from last summer.

Summer Manicure - Pedicure: Source of Inspiration and Influences

The new nail trends for summer 2024 are inspired by recent fashion shows from major houses like Prada and Fendi. Designers draw inspiration from the colors and patterns of nature, as well as retro elements from the 2000s, blending them with modern touches.

Differences from the Summer Colors of 2023

Last summer, the trends focused more on pearlescent and glazed finishes and darker, earthy shades. This year, things are changing with an emphasis on brighter and more vibrant shades, as well as innovative textures that offer a more modern and fresh look.

Top Summer Colors 2024

Bright, Vibrant Colors and Neon Shades

This year, fashion emphasizes bright and vibrant colors. Shades like fuchsia (Neon 18 Bright Fuchsia), coral (Neon 14 Sweet Coral), bright yellow (Neon 19 Wonderful Lemon), and green Neon (21-23) will dominate. Alezori suggests Neon 11 – a unique watermelon shade – as a must-have summer color and a "refreshing" orange that will steal the show Neon 08. These colors exude energy and liveliness, making them perfect for summer appearances.

Sky Blue

Sky blue (Waves 03 – Waves 04) will be a big trend, inspired by the Prada and Fendi fashion shows for summer 2024. It's the perfect shade to make your nails stand out this summer. Another unique shade is Waves 06, which you will love, and of course, on our holidays, we must wear WAVES Santorini!

Milky White

For those who prefer more neutral colors, milky white (Dove) is the ideal choice. This color matches both gold and silver jewelry, making the nails look more elegant and sophisticated.

Timeless Reds

No article on summer colors would be complete without red shades! Unique and always trendy, they add a sense of luxury and confidence. Shades Red Carpet 0102, and 04 are must-haves for summer 2024.

Pastel and Soft Shades

Soft peach is a subtle yet bright shade perfect for summer  (Neon 01 & 02). This shade gives a sense of freshness and liveliness while remaining elegant and versatile. Pastel lavender exudes calmness and romance, ideal for summer days (Mauve 04 & Mauve 08). Other summer pastel shades include pink (T’ amo 070802), pistachio (T’ amo 03), blue (Waves 0216), and yellow tones (Helios 0204).

Marine and Mermaid Effect

Stand out with something different, like the beautiful Sandy from Alezori (which is also on OFFER) and the unique Mermaid Effect offered by Glamour 020304 and 05.

Gel & Acrygel in Unique Summer Colors

The new Gel & Acrygel from Alezori, Gel Glass, and Prism , and Acrygel Glass and Spectrum are ideal for summer! Floral designs on nails remain a trend, but this year we'll see more vibrant colors and playful patterns. From small flowers on two to three nails to full, 3D designs, floral nails are here to stay. The new Flower Gel from Alezori offers excellent results even in Nail Art.

Tips for Choosing Colors

The above trends and tips give you plenty of options to stay fashionable this summer. Choose your favorite color and showcase your nails with style and finesse!